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Fine Art Glass by Sue Obata

  Statement from the Artist
Sue Obata

As a working artist, my energy is split between commissioned work and personal artwork. While I enjoy the challenges that both present, it is with the personal artwork that I enjoy the greatest freedom of expression and it is glass that draws me the most as a medium.

Because of my traditional training, I enjoy using a brush and find it has similarities to Japanese brush painting on paper but instead of representational images, I find expression in the lines and textures themselves. At times I combine painting with etching, sandblasting, and layering of glasses. I have also used all of these techniques with screen-printed images. Working with the technical assistance and support of Sattler's Studio in Nova Scotia, I am able to explore and extend the possibilities of creating with a glass canvas.


Artist: Craig Rubadoux

  Statement from the Artist
Craig Rubadoux

"In my work I endeavor to express exuberance,
the joy of life, a spontaneous celebration. With line and color I try to express the inner energy,
the spirit, the essence of life."

Rubadoux has participated in over 70 exhibitions. Solo exhibitions have included the Ringling Museum of Art, the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art, the Lowe Museum of Art, and the Cornell Fine Arts Museum. His artworks are included in many public and private collections including the Guggenheim Museum, New York; the High Museum of Art, Atlanta; the Ringling Museum of Art, Sarasota; the Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale; the Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, Florida; and the State of Florida.

Rubadoux primarily works on paper and canvas. His paintings are intensely personal glimpses into particular emotions, and he frequently speaks of his work as a journal. Greatly affected by his environment and a love of nature, Rubadoux's painting style is colorful and fluid. But Rubadoux's paintings are not literal documentations of nature, he seems interested in the essence rather than the facts of nature. There is an emphasis on line, color, and spatial relationships. Compositions are unusual in that the subject is seen hovering in a flat space and at eye level. While the subject matter varies, it embodies the artist's personal conception of the world and his feelings and responses to that world.

Fine Art Glass by Wayne Boucher


Wayne is the recipient of the 2006 Nova Scotia Portia White Award for excellence, innovation, and expression in the arts.
Wayne Boucher studied at the Banff Centre, Alberta, and at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax, receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 1975. The following year he moved to Graywood, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia where he continues his painting practice at his studio in Parker's Cove.
Boucher's solo professional exhibition record spans the past three decades. A major exhibition "Radiance and Counterpoint" curated by Peter Dykhuis was at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Gallery 1 to October 22, 2006 and at the Western Branch of the AGNS in Yarmouth from October 29 to January 5 2007.
The recipient of numerous grants from provincial and federal agencies including a Canada Council Established Artist Grant in 2001, other key professional successes include winning the 2004 juried competition to execute the mural entitled Réveil for the new Interpretation Centre at Grand-Pré National National Historic Site that marks the 18th Century Acadian Deportation.
Boucher became a member of the Royal Canadian Academy in 2002. Other active memberships include the Canadian Artists Representation, and Visual Arts Nova Scotia and Arms Length Funding for the Arts. Boucher is a founding member and past chair of the Annapolis Region Community Arts Council and presently on the Exhibitions Committee of the artist-run centre ARTsPLACE.    (  more  )

Fine Art Glass by Ivan Murphy


Ivan Murphy obtained his degree in Communication Design (Honours) from NSCAD in 1992. He currently teaches at NSCAD University and works full-time from his Halifax studio.

Murphy's paintings have been shown at the Khyber Centre for the Arts, the Anna Leonowens Gallery, private galleries in Halifax and Toronto, and the Lieutenant-Governor's residence, Nova Scotia.

While still rooted in landscape, Murphy's current work explores the idea of the canvas as a site of transition, where shifting impressions or memories are reflected through an ongoing process of obliteration and re-working.

Fine Art Glass by Don Pentz


What informs my art and image-making? The land - it's colour, texture, rhythms, and geological forms. I make no attempt to copy the land but rather to interpret or adopt from its shape and colour.

My "landscapes" are landscapes of the imagination. They come into being through a non-objective process of continually working and over-painting the texture of the canvas surface. Paint is pushed, scrubbed, scraped, and thinned to washes, somewhat imitating the natural elements that have shaped and stained the land. Through the manipulation of my materials I am drawn toward an unseen image, but in reality, the image appears out of the scars and pigments that have been left behind.


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