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Hi Helga,

Many thanks to you and your husband for the pelican stained glass
panel that we picked up from you several days ago. The panel now
hangs in the bathroom window of our Lunenburg house and is admired by
everyone who sees it.

The stained glass work is elegant. The beautiful design and art work
by Sue exceeded our expectation.

We appreciate your timely completion of the piece.

Best regards,
D. and F., Lunenburg

Hello Helga:

The stain glass is installed and it looks terrific.
Many thanks Sue to you and the Sattler's Studio in Nova Scotia for the creation of our stained glass panels installed yesterday! They are stunning and even more than we had hoped for! They lit beautifully at night as well as by sunlight during the day!
Would it be possible for you to email us a few of the pictures you took at our home?
I'm anxious to share them with my sisters in Nova Scotia!
All the best

Hi Helga, Sue and Norbert,

We finally put up our panel and we love it! It looks just super, with the light coming through well from both sides, as I hope you can see in the photos. My photos don't capture how the different glass pieces "play" with the light. But I'm sure you know that already. And this is a dull day because of the storm. Thank you again for your excellent and artistic work.

Wishing you all the best.
Elliott and Pauline

Hi, Sue and Sattlers.

How exciting to see the windows going in! They are spectacular. We have decided to do the dedication of the windows on May 19, 2013, at the 11 a.m. service.

Thanks again for the fine work on these windows. It has been wonderful to work with you all on this project. I never dreamed it would be finished so soon after we began work on the Pentecost window in 2011, but a couple of people stepped up who wanted to make it happen, and the small fund that had been contributed by many people over the years has grown enough to finish one pane, and several have contributed recently knowing that the project would come to an end with these windows. I think there are around 30 donors altogether, so it has truly become an "all saints" window celebrating the gathering of the saints around God's throne and the tree of life and river of life in the new creation.

Bp. Stephen P. Kristenson, Pastor
St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church

Hi Norbert und Helga,

Wanted to let you know that the window was installed in the Church and dedicated on June 2nd. Everyone is thrilled with it. It adds such beauty to our church. If you ever come down this way, we hope you will look us up. We will send pictures, in the near future. So you can see what a wonderful job you did. Thanks again.
Jack & Mary,
Kennebunk, US

Good Afternoon Helga:

What a delight it was for us to see our beautiful "almost new" windows back in our church. Norbert and Fabian arrived right on schedule and worked very hard on a warm day for many hours to get our windows back in. They did a terrific job on them and we are very, very pleased. It has been so nice doing business with all of you and I only hope that maybe someday you and I may meet. Enjoy the rest of your summer and very best wishes for your company. We will certainly recommend you for any work we hear of Take good care,
Oxford NS

To all at the Studio.

Good Sunday Morning. We are with the Hummingbird that Mr. Rubadoux so obligingly created for us. We hung it temporarily in a southeast window where the morning sun rising behind the Dingle Tower on the Northwest Arm provides different intensities of light at different times to complement the choice of colours. We plan to try it in other windows too. We enjoy it daily. We will send a photograph when a brand-new camera (still somewhere in Santa's sack) allows us to take a worthy picture.
It was a pleasure to meet Ms. Obata and Mr. Boucher and we were sorry not to be able to stay and see Mr. Rubadoux.
And now, on with the Season and all that has to be done.
Thanks again.
November 2010

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